A list of current and past projects I am/was involved in.


I am mainly affiliated with the QuaDramA project, where I work on analysing dramatic text, especially with respect to coreference resolution. Another focus of QuaDramA is to analyse the relationship of the characters in the plays and create meaningful and interpretable character networks.

I am also involved in CRETA, which is a project bringing together researchers from different fields (computational linguistics, computer vision and interactive system studies, literary studies, sociology, philosophy and more) to work together on Digital Humanities related topics.



I was a student assistant (HiWi) in the Special Research Group 732, Project A6 at the University of Stuttgart. The project aimed at creating deep discourse representations of non-standard spoken data, including coreference, information structure and information status annotations.


I was a student assistant (HiWi) in the Computational Historical Linguistics group at the Ruhr University Bochum and involved in different projects dealing with Middle High German and Early New High German texts.