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Prajit Dhar, Janis Pagel, Lonneke van der Plas. Measuring the compositionality of noun-noun compounds over time. In 1st International Workshop on Computational Approaches to Historical Language Change 2019, pp. 234-239, Florence, Italy, August 2019.

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Benjamin Krautter, Janis Pagel. Klassifikation von Titelfiguren in deutschsprachigen Dramen und Evaluation am Beispiel von Lessings „Emilia Galotti“. In Book of Abstracts of DHd, pp. 160-164, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, March 2019.

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Nils Reiter, Benjamin Krautter, Janis Pagel, Marcus Willand. Detecting Protagonists in German Plays around 1800 as a Classification Task. In Proceedings of the European Association for Digital Humantities (EADH), Galway, Ireland, December 2018.

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Benjamin Krautter, Janis Pagel, Nils Reiter, Marcus Willand. Titelhelden und Protagonisten - Interpretierbare Figurenklassifikation in deutschsprachigen Dramen. LitLab Pamphlets, 7, 2018.

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Janis Pagel, Nils Reiter, Ina Rösiger, Sarah Schulz. A Unified Text Annotation Workflow for Diverse Goals. In Sandra Kübler, Heike Zinsmeister (eds.): Proceedings of the Workshop for Annotation in Digital Humanities (annDH), pp. 31-36, Sofia, Bulgaria, August 2018.

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Janis Pagel, Ina Rösiger. Towards bridging resolution in German: Data analysis and rule-based experiments. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Models of Reference, Anaphora, and Coreference (CRAC), pp. 50-60, New Orleans, LA, USA, June 2018.

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Janis Pagel. Rule-based and Learning-based Approaches for Automatic Bridging Detection and Resolution in German. Master's thesis, University of Stuttgart, 2018. (unpublished)

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Prajit Dhar, Janis Pagel. An Information Retrieval System for Product Reviews. In Proceedings of the 60th Studentische Tagung Sprachwissenschaft (StuTS), Heidelberg, Germany, 2016 (in preparation).

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Janis Pagel. Automatische Belebtheitsklassifikation im Deutschen. Bachelor's thesis, Ruhr-University Bochum, 2015. (unpublished)

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