Photography showing Janis Pagel

My name is Janis Pagel.

I am a computational linguist and currently PhD candidate at the Institute for Natural Language Processing, which is located at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.


External Links

Institute: pageljs
GitHub: pagelj
LinkedIn: janis-pagel
ResearchGate: Janis_Pagel
Google Scholar: Janis Pagel
Twitter: @janispagel


My GnuPG/OpenPGP specifications:

Key-ID 1742C5D7
Fingerprint 2AF4 BFAC 3E33 CF1D C83C CE65 B44F 20A6 1742 C5D7
Public key file 1742C5D7_pub.asc


My ORCID specifications:

ID 0000-0003-4370-1483