• Member of the CRETA association

    Since October 23, 2020 I am a founding member of the CRETA association.

  • Blog post on DHdBlog / Travel stipend

    A blog post written by me got published on the DHdBlog. The post describes my experiences at the DHd 2020 conference (https://dhd2020.de/) in Paderborn and was part of a travel stipend I received from the DHd society for travelling to this conference.

  • Talk at the 9th Hildesheim-Göttingen-Workshop on DH and CL

    Benjamin Krautter and I are giving a talk at the 9th Hildesheim-Göttingen-Workshop on DH and CL on identifying character types, taking place in Göttingen, February 27, 2020 at 9:10 a.m.

  • Workshop at DHd 2020

    On March 3, 2020 I will co-host a workshop with the title Vom Phänomen zur Analyse – ein CRETA-Workshop zur reflektierten Operationalisierung in den DH at DHd 2020 (https://dhd2020.de/) in Paderborn, together with Nora Ketschik, Benjamin Krautter, Sandra Murr and Nils Reiter.

  • Talk at Plotting Poetry 2019, Nancy

    Together with Benjamin Krautter, I will give a talk at Plotting Poetry 2019 in Nancy, France. The talk carries the title Identifying Character Types in German Drama and will take place on September 27, 2019 at 11:30 a.m.

  • Poster at LChange workshop, Florence

    Together with Prajit Dhar and Lonneke van der Plas, I presented a poster at the first LChange workshop, collocated with ACL 2019 in Florence, Italy.

  • QuaDramA Tutorial

    QuaDramA is giving a tutorial on Quantitative Drama Analytics at the 2nd Heidelberg Computational Humanities Summer School. Materials can be found here.

  • Talk at DHd 2019, Frankfurt am Main

    Together with Benjamin Krautter, I presented a paper at DHd 2019 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, about the detection of eponymous characters.

  • Talk at EADH 2018, Galway

    I visited the EADH 2018 in Galway, Ireland and presented a paper on protagonist detection.

  • Talk at annDH, Sofia

    I presented a paper at the annDH workshop, which was part of ESSLLI 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

  • Talk at NAACL-HTL 2018, New Orleans

    I was at the NAACL-HLT 2018 conference, New Orleans, in order to present a paper at the CRAC workshop.

  • First day in QuaDramA

    First day working in the QuaDramA project.